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CloudOps Orchestration Service:View the details of an execution

Last Updated:Feb 19, 2024

When you use CloudOps Orchestration Service (OOS), you can view the information of executions at any time.

  1. Log on to the OOS console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Executions. On the Executions page, find the execution that you want to view and click Details in the Actions column.image

  3. On the execution details page, view the information of the execution.

    1. Click the Input node to view the parameters configured for the execution.image

    2. Click a task node to view the details of the task.

      1. View the task information.image

      2. View the input information of the task.image

      3. View the output information of the task.image

      4. View the logs of the task.image

      5. View the loop information. You can click View for a child execution on the Loop Tasks tab to view the execution results of the child execution.image

      6. View the information of child executions. You can click Details for a child execution on the Child Execution tab and view the execution results of the child execution.

    3. Click the Output node to view the information of execution output.image