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CloudOps Orchestration Service:Patch baseline

Last Updated:Jan 08, 2024

Background information

The patch management feature predefines a default patch baseline for each operating system. You can create a patch baseline to specify custom rules of scanning and installing patches for an operating system. A patch baseline specifies the rules of installing patches on your instance. You can specify the following items for a patch baseline: 1. Product type of the operating system 2. Category of the patch 3. Severity level of the patch 4. Condition for automatic approval You can set a custom patch baseline as the default patch baseline for an operating system to apply custom rules of scanning and installing patches.


1.Create a patch baseline.

(1)Log on to the CloudOps Orchestration Service (OOS) console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Patch Management. Select a region as required. Click Configure Patch Baseline.12

(2)On the Patch Baseline page, click Create.2

(3)Set the Baseline Name, Description, and Operating System parameters, the Product, Severity, Type, and Automatic Approval parameters in the Operating System Installation Rule section, and the parameters in the Application Installation Rule section. You must set the required parameters.45

2.Set a patch baseline as the default patch baseline.

Find the patch baseline that you want to set as the default patch baseline and click Set as Default Baseline in the Actions column.6

3.View the details of a patch baseline.7

4.Update the configurations of a patch baseline.

(1)Click Update.9

(2)Modify the relevant configurations and click Update.10

5.Delete a patch baseline.11