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Microservices Engine:Benefits

Last Updated:Jan 22, 2024

This topic describes the key benefits of SchedulerX 2.0.

High availability

Based on a high-availability architecture and a multi-replica job protection mechanism, SchedulerX 2.0 has proven robust both in disaster recovery drills and real-world business scenarios of Alibaba Group, such as Double 11, capable of delivering smooth services even in data center failures.

Security protection

  • Multidimensional security protection: uses Alibaba Cloud security technologies at various layers to protect access over HTTPS and virtual private clouds (VPCs) against attacks.

  • Multi-tenant isolation mechanism: isolates tenants in different regions, namespaces, and applications.

  • Permission control: manages the read and write permissions on the SchedulerX console and authenticates the access to clients.

High performance

SchedulerX 2.0 allows you to schedule jobs with an accuracy of seconds and provides lightweight distributed computing models to help you perform batch processing in near real time.

Zero O&M and low cost

You do not need to pay for servers or O&M manpower. You can connect your business to SchedulerX 2.0 in a few steps. The cost of an application of SchedulerX 2.0 Basic Edition is one-third of the cost of an open source self-managed application. SchedulerX 2.0 Professional Edition can deliver alert notifications by using text messages and phone calls, and is integrated with other Alibaba Cloud services, such as Simple Log Service and Managed Service for OpenTelemetry, to provide log entries, traces, and the monitoring dashboard for free.

Alerting and monitoring

SchedulerX 2.0 supports multiple alert types and alerting methods to help you eliminate business risks.

  • Alert type: generates alerts when tasks fail, tasks time out, or no machines are available, and sends notifications for successful tasks.

  • Alert contact: supports alert contacts and alert contact groups.

  • Alert record: displays historical alerts.

  • Alerting method: supports text messages, phone calls, emails, and webhooks.


SchedulerX 2.0 provides an all-in-one solution that allows you to view historical records, logs provided by Simple Log Service, stacks, traces provided by Managed Service for OpenTelemetry, and the user dashboard on GUIs to help facilitate O&M.