This topic describes the billable items of ApsaraVideo Media Processing (MPS), the billing methods for different billable items, and the billing information about related Alibaba Cloud services.

Billable items

The billable items of MPS include audio and video transcoding, audio enhancement, and video AI. The following figure shows the billable items of MPS. For more information, see Billable items.

Billable items at the international site

Billing methods

MPS supports the pay-as-you-go billing method, which indicates that you are charged based on the resource usage of each billable item. You can pay after use.

Billing cycle

The billing cycle of MPS is one hour. A bill is generated every hour. The fees are deducted in real time after a bill is generated.

Billing cycleBill generation time and fee deduction timeBillable item
  • A bill is generated every hour. A bill for the previous billing cycle is generated based on your resource usage in the previous hour after the current billing cycle ends. A bill for a billing cycle is generated one hour after the billing cycle ends. The bill generation time is subject to the time when bills are generated in the system.
  • The fees are deducted in real time after a bill is generated. The fees are offset from your resource plan or deducted from the available amount of your account balance and vouchers within your Alibaba Cloud account in real time after the bill is generated.
Billable items


For information about the prices based on the pay-as-you-go billing method in MPS, see ApsaraVideo Media Processing Pricing.

Fees for related Alibaba Cloud services

When you use MPS, you may need to activate other Alibaba Cloud services. The following table describes the related Alibaba Cloud services and provides links to the billing information about these services.

Object Storage Service (OSS)Required. The input files and output files of MPS are stored in OSS buckets. You can manually submit a transcoding job or upload a file to OSS to trigger a media workflow. Billing overview of OSS
Message Service (MNS)Optional. You can receive notifications on MPS by using MNS. Pricing of MNS
Key Management Service (KMS)Optional. You can create and manage encryption keys for Alibaba Cloud proprietary cryptography and HTTP-Live-Streaming (HLS) encryption methods in MPS by using KMS. Billing of KMS
Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN)Optional. After the content is transcoded, you can accelerate the content delivery based on CDN nodes when you use the Media Library feature. Billing overview of Alibaba Cloud CDN