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ApsaraVideo Media Processing:Benefits

Last Updated:Mar 12, 2024

ApsaraVideo Media Processing (MPS) provides a variety of features that can meet diverse business requirements. Specifically, MPS provides basic transcoding features and various advanced features such as video editing, watermarking, snapshot, and content review. In addition, MPS provides highly customizable transcoding templates. You can flexibly configure transcoding templates and develop transcoding solutions based on your business requirements.

Video transcoding



Custom transcoding solution


  • No initial investment is required. You are charged in pay-as-you-go mode.

  • Transcoding technologies, such as Narrowband HD TM and H.265, allow you to generate smaller video files in size without compromising the video quality. This saves your traffic.

Custom transcoding solutions require a large amount of transcoding resources and high maintenance costs.

Powerful transcoding capabilities

MPS uses a high-speed and stable system for parallel transcoding. The system can automatically scale in and out to meet the requirements for resources. This way, the system can seamlessly scale out cluster resources to process a large number of concurrent transcoding jobs.

Custom transcoding solutions cannot process a large number of concurrent transcoding jobs.

Professional transcoding algorithms

Based on powerful computing resources, MPS provides advanced video processing algorithms. The proprietary video enhancement feature allows you to transcode a video to one in ultra high definition or a damaged video to a restored version.

The quality of the transcoded videos depends on the open source transcoding service that is used.

Rich features and highly customizable templates

  • MPS provides a wide range of features, such as video transcoding, snapshot, watermarking, and video editing and merging, to meet the requirements of varied scenarios.

  • Transcoding templates are highly customizable to meet different transcoding needs.

You need to integrate open source transcoding services with your own business or build your transcoding service by starting development at the underlying layer.

Easy-to-use media workflows

MPS allows you to create custom media workflows. When media files are uploaded, workflows are automatically triggered to transcode the files. Notifications on the transcoding status can be sent in real time. A common media workflow takes you only 1 minute to build.

You must develop transcoding-related interfaces and a notification mechanism.

Automated review



Significantly reduced operational costs

An average of less than 10% of the automatically reviewed videos require a manual review. The manpower that is involved in manual review is reduced by more than 90%.

Comprehensive risk detection

MPS performs reviews on a full range of media asset information in terms of speech, text, and video image. Information that is reviewed, including the thumbnails, titles, comments, and video content of media assets.

High recall rate

Based on a large amount of feature data that is accumulated by Alibaba Cloud services, MPS updates the non-compliant features in real time. This facilitates a high recall rate.