This document describes how to use the ApsaraDB for MongoDB console to help you manage ApsaraDB for MongoDB instances and learn about the features of ApsaraDB for MongoDB.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB is a stable, reliable, and scalable database service. Many features can be extended on ApsaraDB for MongoDB, such as secondary index, range query, sorting, aggregation, and geospatial index. ApsaraDB for MongoDB fully complies with the MongoDB protocols and provides a full range of database solutions, such as disaster recovery, data backup, data recovery, monitoring, and alerts.

Why ApsaraDB for MongoDB?

For information about benefits of ApsaraDB for MongoDB, see Comparison between ApsaraDB for MongoDB and self-managed databases and Common scenarios.


For more information about the features and pricing of ApsaraDB for MongoDB, see the buy page of ApsaraDB for MongoDB.


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