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Mobile Testing:View a test report

Last Updated:Feb 28, 2022


View a test report

Step 1: In the left-side navigation pane of the Mobile Testing console, choose Testing Products > Functional Testing.

Step 2: Select a tested Android app from the app drop-down list. Click the Test Reports tab and view the list of functional tests performed on the specified app.

Test report

Step 3: If a test is running on the specified app, click Refresh to refresh the Test Reports tab and view the latest information.

Step 4: In the Actions column corresponding to a test, perform the following operations:

  • Click View to view the test report details of the specified test. For more information, see Check test report details.

  • Click Share to generate a shared URL for the test report of the specified test. You can view the test report in a browser by using the shared URL.

  • If the test is running, click Cancel to stop it.