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Mobile Testing:Grant permissions to a RAM user

Last Updated:May 18, 2022

The Mobile Testing service allows you to use the Alibaba Cloud account and RAM users for access control. If you want use the features of the Mobile Testing service as a RAM user, you must use the Alibaba Cloud account to grant the RAM user the permissions to perform required operations.



Log on to the RAM console

  1. On the homepage of the Alibaba Cloud console, move the pointer over the profile picture in the upper-right corner.

  2. In the dialog box that appears, click AccessKey Management to go to the homepage of the AccessKey Pair.

    RAM console homepage

  3. In the note block of the AccessKey Pair page, click Use Accesskey Pair of RAM User. The Users page appears.

Create a principal

You can implement access control based on a user, a user group, or a RAM role.

In the RAM console, perform the following operations:

Assign permissions

  1. In the left-side navigation pane of the RAM console, choose Permission > Grants to go to the Grants page.

  2. On the Grants page, click Grant Permission. The Grant Permission page appears.

  3. In the Grant Permission page, configure the parameters.

    Add Permissions

    The following table describes the parameters.



    Authorized Scope

    Select Alibaba Cloud Account.


    Enter a keyword to filter and select an existing user, user group, or RAM role.

    Select Policy

    1. Select System Policy or Custom Policy.

    2. Enter a keyword to search for the system policies of EMAS, which include:

      • AliyunMHubFullAccess: the permissions to manage EMAS.

      • AliyunMHubReadOnlyAccess: the permissions to only read EMAS.

      Custom policies are the policies that you have added.

    3. Select system policies of EMAS based on your needs and add them to the Selected section.


    You must select one or more system policies of EMAS.

  4. Click OK to save the permissions.


RAM is an Alibaba Cloud service. For more information, see Resource Access Management.