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Mobile Testing:Go to the Use Cases page

Last Updated:Mar 14, 2022



Step 1: In the left-side navigation pane of the Mobile Testing console, choose Testing Management > Use Cases.

Step 2: Select the app that you want to test from the app drop-down list.


The app must be uploaded to the Mobile Testing console in advance. Otherwise, click Upload App to upload it. For more information, see Upload an app.

Step 3: Click the Scripts, Use Case Libraries, Parameter Pools, and Custom Steps tabs to perform operations.

Use Cases page

The following table describes the tabs of the Use Cases page.




Allows you to record, upload, and manage scripts.

Use Case Libraries

Allows you to create and manage use cases. The use cases are grouped based on the following hierarchy: use case library version > module > use case set.

Parameter Pools

Allows you to manage the parameters of recorded scripts.

Custom Steps

Allows you to write code to customize execution steps.