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Mobile Testing:Create a use case library version

Last Updated:Feb 28, 2022



Step 1: On the Use Cases page of the specified app, click the Use Case Libraries tab.

Step 2: Click the More icon next to the version list and select Use Case Library Versions. The Use Case Library Versions panel appears.

Create Use Case Library Version

Step 3: In the Use Case Library Versions panel, click Create Version. The Create Version panel appears.

Step 4: In the Create Version panel, set the use case library version.

Create Version

The following table describes the parameters.



Version Number

The version number of the use case library.


  • The version number must be unique among all use case library versions.

  • We recommend that you use a version number that is consistent with the current iteration of the app.


The description of the use case library version, which facilitates subsequent query and review.

Import Data of Earlier Versions

Specifies to create a version based on an existing use case library version.

Step 5: Click OK to save the use case library version.

In the Use Case Library Versions panel, view the created version.

Version created Return to the Use Case Libraries tab and view the created version from the use case library version drop-down list.

Show Use Case Library Version