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Mobile Testing:Benefits

Last Updated:Mar 23, 2022

Improved test performance

  • Rapid identification of issues: Mobile Testing performs automated testing on hundreds of major device models to identify the compatibility issues, functionality issues, and performance issues of apps.

  • Rapid pinpointing of issues: Mobile Testing aggregates logs for critical errors, provides screenshots of incorrect operations, and supports video playback to help pinpoint issues.

  • Rapid troubleshooting: Mobile Testing provides cause analysis and solutions for common issues to help you troubleshoot issues.

  • End-to-end expert testing service: Mobile Testing provides a professional testing team that can formulate test plans, run test tasks, and return test results based on your business requirements and scenarios.

Script visualization and compatibility

  • Mobile Testing provides the online visual recording feature on iOS and Android devices. This feature can increase the rate at which use cases are generated by more than 10 times.

  • Mobile Testing supports generic scripts that are created based on the Appium test framework.

High bug detection rate

Mobile Testing provides the exploratory compatibility testing service. This testing service provides a bug detection rate of up to 30% compared with traditional monkey testing.