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Mobile Platform as a Service:View security hardening details

Last Updated:Nov 22, 2022

After you create a hardening task, you can view the security hardening details of the task.

  • Basic information: displays the information about the hardened app, including Application name, Application package name, Application version, and Application size. Note that the app size is the size of the app before the app is hardened.

  • Hardened package: provides an entry to download the hardened package.


    The signature information of the app is deleted during the hardening process. Therefore, you need to re-sign the downloaded hardened package and then release the re-signed hardened package in the app market.

  • Hardening details: displays the comparison of app details before and after hardening in terms of Application size, MD5, and Security.

  • Hardened class: displays hardened classes and the comparison between the code before and after the hardening.

  • Hardened So files: Show hardened So files.

  • Hardened Assets Files: Display hardened Assets files.


    When creating a hardening task, if you choose to harden classes, So files, and Assets files, you can see the details of the security hardened classes, security hardened So files, and security hardened Assets files on the security hardening details page of the task.


You can view the hardening details of tasks in the Hardened state. For tasks in the Hardening or Hardening failed state, no entries to view hardening details are provided. To view the hardening details, perform the following steps:

  1. Log on to the mPaaS console and select the target app from the app list.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Mobile application security > Application security hardening. The Application security hardening page appears.

  3. In the security hardening list, click the app name on the target task card. On the Security hardening details page, you can view the hardening details.

  4. (Optional) To view the hardened class, move the pointer to the question mark (图标) that follows Security hardening class to view the comparison between the code before and after the hardening.


    If decompilation fails, the code screenshots before and after the hardening are blank.