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Mobile Platform as a Service:Step 5 select appropriate baseline

Last Updated:Apr 19, 2024

Baseline refers to a collection of stable versions for a series of features and is the basis of further development. While mPaaS is developed on the basis of a specific version of Alipay. Thus, for mPaaS, baseline is the collection of SDK based on the version. We have provided multiple versions for the baseline with the continuous upgrading of mPaaS. Till now, mPaaS has provided four baseline versions, namely, 10.1.68, 10.1.60, and 10.1.32. The maintenance for 10.1.32 is no longer provided. To ensure abundant features and lower migration cost, you are recommended to take version 10.1.68 as preference.

For the detailed introduction to the baseline, see Introduction to the baseline.


  1. Open the existing project in Android Studio, click mPaaS > native AAR access to open the access pane.

  2. Click Start Configuration.

  3. In the baseline selection window, select the suitable baseline through the drop-down menu, then click OK.