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Mobile Platform as a Service:mPaaS 10.2.3 Adaptation to Xcode15

Last Updated:Mar 19, 2024

Background information

Apple requires that all apps submitted to the App Store must be built using Xcode 15 or later from April 29, 2024. For details, please refer to Apple's official statement. Xcode 15 no longer supports the construction of systems before iOS 12. For details, please refer to Xcode 15 Release Notes.

Apple announced that starting from May 1, 2024, if the app code uses the API in the API list listed by Apple, the relevant reasons need to be stated in the app's privacy list. For example, if the app code uses the SDK in the three-party SDK list listed by Apple, the three-party SDK needs to provide corresponding privacy list configuration before uploading a new app or a new version of the app to the App Store Connect. For details, please refer to Apple's official statement.

Current status

Currently, mPaaS has completed the adaptation and testing of Xcode 15 in baseline versions and later. If you use baseline 10.1.68 (obsolete) or earlier, upgrade to the latest version 10.2.3 and no longer support systems earlier than iOS 12.

Upgrade Baseline

Select an upgrade method based on your current baseline version.

Current baseline is 10.2.3 primary baseline

Please refer to mPaaS 10.2.3 Usage and Adaptation to iOS 17 to upgrade to the latest baseline of 10.2.3 and make relevant adaptation.

The current baseline is a custom baseline

If you are using a custom baseline, search for the group number 41708565 to join the DingTalk group or submit a ticket to consult the corresponding after-sales and technical helpdesk.

Upgrade modes

CocoaPods-based upgrade

Follow these steps to install the latest SDK of the 10.2.3 version:

  1. First, make sure that the version number of the mPaaS component in the Podfile is 10.2.3.

  2. Execute the pod mpaas update 10.2.3.

    If a command error is reported, run the pod mpaas update --all command to update the plug-in and then run the command again.

  3. Execute the pod install.


1. When you use the Extension plug-in to upgrade to the baseline version or later, add modules such as threat awareness and national secret,

In the main project, you need to manually add the system library resolv to the Other link flag in Building Setting.


Otherwise, the following error occurs:


API changes

There is no change in the interface usage for this Xcode15 adaptation.

Library manifest adapted to Xcode 15 update

  • Mobile gateways

  • Mobile scheduling

  • Data synchronization

  • message push

  • National Secret

  • Multimedia

  • Mini Program

  • Security Keyboard

  • Some internal dependent components

Scope of test verification

As the upgrade of Apple's tool chain is a black box operation, it often brings stability and other problems. After the adaptation of App to Xcode 15 is completed, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive regression test on App.

In addition, because the URL parsing of the installation package packaged with Xcode 15 is updated from RFC1738/1808 to RFC 3986 in iOS 17 and later, URL-related parsing may be abnormal. For example, if API operations such as URLWithString and InitWithString are used, please verify and adapt the URL. For more information, see Apple official instructions.