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Mobile Platform as a Service:mPaaS 10.1.68 baseline adapt to Xcode 13

Last Updated:May 31, 2022


Since April.25th 2022, apps that are to be submitted to App Store must be built based on Xcode 13. For the new tool chain, the App needs to be adapted.

Status quo

mPaaS has adapted and tested for Xcode 13 in and above version baseline.

Upgrade SDK/compoments

Use CocoaPods for upgrade

Follow the steps below to install the latest SDK version 10.1.68:

  1. In Podfile, change the SDK version to 10.1.68.

  2. Run the command pod mpaas update 10.1.68. If it prompts an error, you need to update the plug-in first through the pod mpaas update -all command, and then execute command pod mpaas update 10.1.68 again.

  3. Run the command pod install.

API changes

No API changes are required for this adaptation.

Handle custom baselines

If you are using a custom baseline, you may need to customize the baseline again based on the new version. To do this, please search for group number 41708565 with DingTalk to join DingTalk group to contact mPaaS technical support staff for consultation.

List of libraries adapted to iOS 15 updates

  • The map component upgrades the default Amap to version 7.1.14.

  • Share component.

  • Some internal dependencies.

We recommend that you perform full regression testing in iOS 15 after you have adapted mPaaS 10.1.68 to iOS 15.

Verification scope

Since the upgrade of Apple's toolchain is a black-box operation, it often brings stability and other issues. After the app is adapted to Xcode 13, it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive regression test