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Mobile Platform as a Service:mobile application security hardening permission enabled

Last Updated:Dec 19, 2023


The account ID and tenant name are required to enable mobile application security hardening. For Android security hardening, the application package name is also required.


  1. Log on to the mPaaS console.

  2. After you log on to the Apsara Uni-manager Management Console, move the pointer over the profile picture in the upper-right corner and click Account Management.


    You can view the account ID on the Account Management page.


    If you log on to the console as a RAM user, you must provide the ID of your Alibaba Cloud account.


  3. Enter mPaaS in the search box and click Products. image.png


  4. Click Console. image.png

  5. In the upper-right corner of the Tenant Information dialog box, you can view the Tenant Name.


  6. After you obtain the Account ID and Tenant Name, provide the Account ID, Tenant Name, and Application Package Name to the mPaaS technical support students.