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Mini program stucks at loading page while starting up

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Problem description

After the app launches the mPaaS mini-program, the page gets stuck on the loading page, as shown in the following figure:

Common cause

Possible causes of the issue:

  • Wrong path to the home page of the mini-program.
  • No UC core.

Connecting the UC SDK to an Android app can address the compatibility issue of browsers from different vendors. This solution ensures a lower crash rate and better performance than the system browser. You must apply for a UC core to use the mini-program, see Apply for a UC kernel.

Troubleshooting procedure

  1. Check if the main portal of the mini-program is correct.
    The main portal of the mini-program must be consistent with the main portal in the mPaaS console. The main portal of the mini-program is set at the location shown in the following figure.
    The default URL configuration for the main portal in the mPaaS console is: pages/index/index.
  2. Check if the UC core takes effect
    Run the apk on the phone, check the logs, and filter the webview version in the Logcat logs of Android Studio.
    • UC cores with version numbers starting with 2 or 3.UC core
    • The version number starting with Chrome is the system core.system core

Ticket for assistance

If you still cannot solve the issue, prepare a demo project to reproduce the issue and contact the mPaaS post-sale support through Alibaba Cloud Ticket system.