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Mobile Platform as a Service:Introduction to Ant Cube Card

Last Updated:Apr 24, 2023

This article introduces Ant Cube Card in detail from the definition and product advantages, and also provides a series of videos to learn more about Ant Cube Card.

Product Definition

Ant Cube Card is originally a native high-performance rendering engine developed by Alipay. It can provide a variety of functions in different product forms in terms of input products, JS dynamic capability support, rendering data structure, and style support, and supports the combination of enhanced functions for different scenarios. With the requirements of new business scenarios for rendering capabilities and peripheral capabilities, Ant Cube Card is gradually expanded into "an application development technology stack based on a high-performance rendering engine". And "taking into account the user experience and research and development efficiency, the pursuit of the ultimate performance", it has become the technical goal of Ant Cube Card.


  • Provide dynamic content display to improve development and operation efficiency

    • Embed in native pages as cards

    • Android/iOS dual-end consistency, high development efficiency, release is visible.

    • Small size, good performance, less memory

  • Deeply polished by Alipay's wallet business

    • Multiple front-end development languages (Lite Vue)

    • Complete development and debugging tools (compilation, preview, debugging, and release)

    • Client SDK + Server Card Management System

Introduction Video


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Definition and characteristics of Ant Cube Card


Application framework


System architecture


Core modules


Thread model


Data models


High-performance concurrent rendering


Card production /Workflow


Card development and debugging