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Mobile Platform as a Service:HTML5 Container overview

Last Updated:Mar 07, 2022

HTML5 Container is a mobile hybrid solution SDK (Nebula SDK) that provides good external extension capability and has the capabilities of enabling pluggable functions, event mechanism, JSAPI customization, and HTML5 App push update and management.


HTML5 Container provides the following functions:

  • Loading HTML5 pages, and managing the HTML5 pages by Session.

  • Providing rich built-in JSAPI to implement such functions as page push, pop, and title setting.

  • Supporting you to customize JSAPI and plugins so as to extend business requirements.

  • Connecting Mobile Delivery Service platform to facilitate management of offline packages.

  • Android client uses UCWebView and has the capability of solving system-level WebView crash, featuring more reasonable memory management, higher network loading speed, and better compatibility. This has completely overcome the problem that HTML5 Container with Android operating system cannot be compatible with different WebView.


HTML5 Container has outstanding and powerful features in the following aspects.

Outstanding stability

  • HTML5 Container has withstood the test of hundreds of millions of users, with guaranteed crash rate, ANR (Application Not Responding) rate and other stability indicators.

  • Android client is highly customized based on UCWebView, features lower crash rate and ANR rate than the system WebView, and has the capability of solving system-level WebView problems.

Powerful offline package capability

  • Strong offline package pushing platform: With the MDS package pushing platform, the offline package can be quickly pushed to the client to ensure that the client data can be synchronized in a short time.

  • Preload offline package: To meet the demands of special application scenarios, HTML5 container supports preloading offline package on the client, thus improving App opening speed.

Extensive ecosystem

HTML5 Container has accessed all Ant Financial Apps, providing a stable ecosystem.