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Operation result dialog

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2022

AUOperationResultDialog provides a pop-up window containing a title and an option list. It is mainly used for displaying social sharing and payment results.

Sample image



See Quick start.

API description

* Create AUListDialog based on the input list.
* @param title      The title.
* @param list       The PopMenuItem object list. Icons are allowed.
* @param context    The context object.
public AUOperationResultDialog(Context context, String title, List<String> list) 

* Set the list option tapping event listener.
public void setOnItemClickListener(OnItemClickListener listener)

* Dynamic data refreshing API.
* @param list
public void updateData(ArrayList<PopMenuItem> list) 

* Obtain imageView.
* @return
public ImageView getIconView() 

* Set the visibility of the separation line.
* @param visibility
public void setDivierViewVisibility(int visibility)

Sample code


public void clickAUOperationResultDialog(View view) {
        AUOperationResultDialog dialog = new AUOperationResultDialog(this,"Title",getData());