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Last Updated: Jun 29, 2022

MCDP provides a material library for you to centrally manage various materials. When you create a marketing activity, you can directly use the resources in the material library as advertising materials to simplify the procedure.

This topic describes how to complete the material creation and explains relevant parameters during the creation.

Log in the mPaaS console, select the target application, and perform the following steps to create materials:

  1. In the left navigation bar, select Mobile Content Delivery Platform > Resource management > Material management to enter the Material management page.

  2. Click the Create material button to configure the material information.

    • Material name: You can enter a maximum of 30 characters, and the entered name must not be duplicated with the name of an existing material.

    • Material type: The supported material types include static images, GIFs, and Lottie animations.

    • Booth type: Select the booth type according to the material. For example, you can select banner, which means the material will be applied to the banner booth. All the above three types of materials can be applied to splash, pop-up, banner, list, and floating icon booths. When you create an activity, you can use the three types of materials as the advertising materials for a banner booth. For more information about the instruction on how to add advertisement materials, see Create an activity > Add a delivery booth.

  3. Upload a material. Click Upload material to open the file browser, choose the material you need to upload according to the selected material type, and then click Open.

    • Descriptions about the material size:

      The maximum size for all the types of materials is 300 KB. Otherwise, you cannot upload the material.

      • For static images, the file extension can be .png, .jpg, and .jpeg. The recommended size is 1080 px × 1920 px.

      • For GIF images, the file extension can be .png, .jpg, and .jpeg. The recommended size is 1080 px × 1920 px. For Lottie animations, the material file can be a .json file generated by a Lottie animation. The file contains the coordinates of the key points and the motion trajectory of the animation. Depending on the booth type to which the material will be applied, we recommend uploading materials that vary in length, width, and size.

    • Delete a material:

      If you need to delete the selected material, you can hover the mouse on the file name under the preview window of the material. And then click the icon “X” on the right to delete the material.

  4. Click Submit to save the material.

    When a Complete notification appears on the page, the notification indicates that you complete the creation of materials. In the Material list, you can view information about the material you just created.