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Mobile Platform as a Service:Overview

Last Updated:Jun 28, 2023

The Scan component is provided by the mPaaS and is originated from the scan feature in Alipay. This component inherits the precise and fast scan capability of Alipay. It can quickly identify barcodes and accurately obtain the information in the barcodes.


The Scan component can scan two-dimensional barcodes (QR codes) and one-dimensional barcodes (barcodes).

Two-dimensional barcodes (QR codes)

  • Gen0 (Common QR code):

  • Gen1 (Visualead custom code):

One-dimensional barcodes (barcodes)

  • EAN8:

  • EAN13:

  • EAN14:

  • EAN18:

  • EAN128:

  • ISBN:

  • ISSN:

  • Code39:

  • Code128:

  • UPC-A:

  • UPC-E:

  • ITF-14:


Compared with similar industry-leading products, the mPaaS has advantages in the code recognition speed and recognition rate under the same conditions.

Fast recognition

Compared with similar products, the mPaaS Scan recognizes QR codes and barcodes faster in the case of the same distance and the same light source.

High recognition rate

Based on the unique blur processing and data evaluation and correction features, mPaaS can recognize photos that cannot be recognized by the scan function in the album of similar products.

  • This code can be recognized by the cameras of similar products, but cannot be recognized by the scan function in their albums.

  • Codes that cannot be recognized by similar products.