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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Is there a charge to use the Scan component?

There is no charge for the accessing the Scan component. However, in the process of using the Scan component, logs will be collected to obtain the number total scans, successful scans, failed scans, and other information, so as to realize monitoring and analysis on the scan performance. The log collection process relies on the Mobile Analysis Service which is chargable, so certain fees may arise.

Log tracking of the Scan component is configured at the initial stage. By default, log reporting is enabled. If you need to disable log reporting, see Upload logs.

How to initialize mPaaS in case of integrating Scan to project through native AAR or mPaaS Inside?

You need to add the following code to the Application class.

public class MyApplication extends Application {
    protected void attachBaseContext(Context base) {
        // Initialize callback settings for mPaaS.
        QuinoxlessFramework.setup(this, new IInitCallback() {
            public void onPostInit() {
    public void onCreate() {
        // Initialize mPaaS.

How to process the lag (ANR) that occurs when code scanning starts in the Android baseline 10.1.68?

In the native AAR and the mPaaS Inside modes, if you have referenced other components in addition to the code scanning component, you must initialize mPaaS. Otherwise, ANR may occur on the main thread.