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Last Updated: Feb 05, 2021

When designing the mPaaS MINI, only if your product is simple and easy to use can it be used by more users. The more users, the wider the market and the greater the benefits.

One page only does one thing

A page of the app can display very limited information. The mobile phone environment is very unstable, and often affected by various factors, such as people’s behaviors (such as walking, riding, etc.), network signals, etc., which further limits the amount of information on the page. It is best for a page to highlight its key point so that users can quickly understand and complete the task. Avoid other distractions on the page that are not related to the user’s decision-making and operation.

The mPaaS MINI services are mostly task-oriented and are designed to help users achieve certain objectives, such as transfer, payment, etc. This principle is especially important in the task-oriented page, because we want users to focus on and quickly complete the current task.



If multiple main action buttons are set in one page and the primary and secondary operations are not distinguished, the user may feel confused and doesn’t know how to choose.

Wrong example:


Correct example:


Delete and hide as appropriate

People’s ability to process information, learn rules, and memorize details is limited. In practice, people may also face various interruptions and distractions, which further limits their cognitive ability. Like a roadblock, too many minor details in the interface will increase the cognitive burden on users, and reduce their efficiency.

It’s better to remove unnecessary features, excess options, redundant text and fancy decorations as well as hide non-core features, thus reducing the cognitive burden on users, and allowing users to focus on what they really want to do.

Clear navigation

Navigation is the most critical factor in ensuring that users don’t get lost when browsing through web pages. Navigation needs to tell the users where they are, where to go, and how to go back.

First of all, the navigation bar should be provided on all pages of the mPaaS MINI, so as to resolve problems like where we are and how to go back, providing users with unified experience and interaction awareness in the MINI, without adding learning cost or changing habits when switching between pages.

Navigation 1

Navigation 2