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Last Updated: Mar 10, 2021

A synchronization configuration defines the basic application scnenario of data push. And the actual data push actions can be realized based on the synchronization configuration. Therefore, you need to add synchronization configuration before sending data.

Log in to mPaaS console, click the mPaaS App for which you want to add configuration, and complete the following steps.


  1. On the left navigation pane, choose Mobile Sync Service under Backend connection.
  2. Click the Configuration management tab, and then click Add. The New sync configuration page appears.


  3. Set parameters.
    2 The following table describes the parameters.

    Parameter Description
    Sync ID Identifies a specific data push business scenario. The format of uppercase letters with a hyphen (-), such as DEVICE-LOCK, is recommended.
    Description Describes the business scenario corresponding to the configuration.
    Push scope Indicates the range of users or devices receiving data in the data push process. The value Global indicates that all users or devices can receive data, and the value Appointed indicates that only the appointed user or device can receive data.
    Target Indicates whether data is pushed by user or by device.
    Multi-device sync This parameter is required only when Target is set to User. If you select Yes, data will be synchronized between multiple devices of a single user. That is, when the user uses a device to log in to the client, the user can receive the data that the user has received on another device.
    Data persistence Pushed data will be saved to the database for a maximum of 30 days by default. If a user is offline when data is pushed, the user will receive the data when going online.
    Re-push mode Specifies the policy for processing the backlog data on the server. This parameter is available only when Data persistence is set to Yes. When All is selected, all the backlog data on the server will be pushed to the client. When Threshold is selected, only the latest backlog data within the threshold will be pushed to the client.
    Re-push threshold This parameter is available only when Data persistence is set to Yes and Re-push mode is set to Threshold.
    User consistency check This parameter is available only when Target is set to User. If you set this parameter to Yes, MSS will verify user consistency when pushing data and push data only when user consistency check is successful. For more information, see Verify user consistency.
  4. After setting the above information, click OK to complete adding the synchronization configuration. The newly added synchronization configuration becomes online by default.

    Once a configuration is taken online, you can push data by calling APIs or performing actions in the console.