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Mobile Platform as a Service:About mPaaS plugin

Last Updated:Jun 28, 2023

mPaaS Plugin, as a GUI-based tool, provides functions such as compiling and packaging, dependency management, hotfix and encryption image. The mPaaS Plugin allows developers to access mPaaS quickly and provides assistance for development. After successful installation of mPaaS Plugin, the mPaaS menu is available on the top menu bar in Android Studio.

The mPaaS Plugin provides various functions to assist development, including:



Native AAR access

Assists the access of project to mPaaS through the native AAR access mode.

Component-based access

Assists the access of project to mPaaS through the component-based access mode.

Basic tools


Creates a patch for components supporting hotfix.

Generate Encryption Image (Apsara Stack Config File)

Generates the encryption image that contains the key information for encryption and decryption.

Generate Signed APK

Generates a signed APK after you input necessary parameters for APK signing. The signed APK is used to obtain a configuration file on the mPaaS console.

Generate UC Key Signing Info

Generates signing information to apply for the Key of UC SDK.


Log Diagnostic Tool

Analyzes logs in Android Studio for quickly locating compilation errors.

Common issues

Go to Documentation Center to check frequently asked questions in the Android access process.

View Documentation

Go to mPaaS Document Center.


Builds projects.