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Mobile Platform as a Service:About Mobile Gateway Service

Last Updated:Sep 14, 2022

Mobile Gateway Service (MGS) is a component provided by mPaaS that connects the mobile client and server. This component simplifies the data protocol and communication protocol between the mobile terminal and the server, and can significantly improve development and network communication efficiency.


The gateway serves as a bridge between the client and server. The client accesses the service API in the backend through the gateway. The gateway provides the following functions:

  • Automatically generates the RPC call code for the client regardless of network communication, protocols, and data formats.
  • Automatically reverse the data returned from the server to generate Objective-C objects, without extra coding.
  • Supports data compression, caching, etc.
  • Supports unified exception handling, such as pop-up display and toasts.
  • Supports RPC interceptors to achieve customized requests and processing.
  • Uses the unified security encryption mechanism and anti-tampering request signature verification mechanism.
  • Enables traffic restriction and control to protect the backend server.


Mobile Gateway Service has the following advantages:

  • Adapts to various terminals and connects heterogeneous backend services with simple configuration.
  • Automatically generates mobile SDK to realize frontend-backend separation, improving development efficiency.
  • Supports service registration, and discovery and management, and implements service aggregation and integration to reduce management cost and security risk.
  • Provides optimized data protocol and communication protocol, enhancing the network communication quality and efficiency.

Application scenarios

The Mobile Gateway Service is generally applied in the following scenarios:

  • Open mobile service capability

    With the rapid development of mobile Internet and inclusive financing, enterprises are increasingly eager to open their existing mature backend services. With Mobile Gateway Service, you can develop your mobile servicing capability without any additional configuration.

  • Single service with multi-terminal output

    The mobile Internet era requires service to support various types of terminal devices, which greatly increases the system complexity. Using Mobile Gateway Service, you can adapt service to multiple terminals by defining your service in mobile gateway.

  • Standard and unified APIs open for heterogeneous services

    In many enterprises, the backend services are in multiple languages and structures. To open standard and unified service APIs to others, you only need to access the Mobile Gateway Service by following certain standards.