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Mobile Platform as a Service:About Datacenter

Last Updated:May 25, 2021

Datacenter provided by mPaaS is a complete solution for persisting storage on mPaaS client. Datacenter SDK provides diversified storage methods to meet different storage requirements.


The features of mPaaS Datacenter vary by platforms.

  • Android platform:

    • Support SDK database encryption.
    • Reconstructed based on OrmLite (Object Relational Mapping Lite) framework, provide Data Access Objects (DAO) support, simple and easy to use.
    • Support SharePreferences-based key-value pair storage.
    • Support encrypting files before storing them.
  • iOS platform:

    • Reduce the use of NSUserDefaults, and store the large-size data and private data in other places than NSUserDefaults, with relatively higher access efficiency compared with using NSUserDefaults.
    • Reduce the cases that the business system automatically maintains files, and reduce the messy files in Documents and Library directories.
    • Datacenter is divided into storage space irrelevant to users and storage space of the current users by storage space. The business layer doesn’t have to be concerned with user switch, and doesn’t have to use userId to obtain the current user data.
    • Based on sqlite, Datacenter provides DAO (Data Access Objects) support and is more flexible than CoreData. It encapsulates the database operations by using the configuration file and isolates them from business. The business layer users interfaces to access data and operate database tables.
    • The underlayer supports data encryption.
    • Provide diversified storage methods to meet different storage requirements, and providing memory cache.