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About activity unit

Last Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Activity unit refers to a collection of marketing activities created around a certain marketing purpose. There can be multiple activities with the same theme under a activity unit. In MCDP, marketing activities are managed through activity units.

Each activity unit contains the following information:

  • Activity unit name: The name of the activity unit. Enter it when creating a activity unit.

  • Activity unit ID: The number of the activity unit. It is automatically assigned by the system when the activity unit is created.

  • Validity period: The validity period of a activity unit depends on the start time and end time of the activities contained in the activity unit. When a activity unit contains multiple activities, the validity period of the activity unit starts at the earliest start time of the activities and ends at the latest end time of the activities.

  • Creator: The creator of the activity unit.

  • Creation time: The time when the activity unit is created in the system.

  • Activity status: The independent status of each activity contained in the activity unit. There are three activity statuses: online, to be online, and offline.

  • Operations: The operations that can be performed in the activity unit.

    • When all the activities in the activity unit are to be activated, or there are no activities in the activity unit, the activity unit can be edited or deleted.

    • When there are activities in the activity unit that are not to be activated (online or offline), you can only view the effects of the activity unit.