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MaxCompute:List of operations by function

Last Updated:Apr 17, 2024
This product(MaxCompute/2022-01-04) OpenAPI adopts ROA Signature style. See signature details in Description of the signature mechanism. We have packaged SDKs for common programming languages for developers. Developers can directly call the OpenAPI of this product by downloading the SDK without paying attention to the technical details. If the existing SDK cannot meet the usage requirements, you can connect through the signature mechanism. It will take about 5 working days. Therefore, it is recommended to join our DingTalk service group (11370001915) and sign under the guidance of experts.
Before using the API, you need to prepare your identity account and access key (AccessKey) to effectively access the API through client tools (SDK, CLI, etc.). For details see getAccessKey.

Quota Management

ListQuotasListQuotasQueries quotas.
GetQuotaGetQuotaObtains the information about a specified level-1 quota.
UpdateQuotaUpdateQuotaUpdates a quota.
ListQuotasPlansListQuotasPlansObtains quota plans.
CreateQuotaPlanCreateQuotaPlanCreates a quota plan.
UpdateQuotaPlanUpdateQuotaPlanUpdates a quota plan.
GetQuotaPlanGetQuotaPlanObtains the information of a quota plan.
DeleteQuotaPlanDeleteQuotaPlanDeletes a quota plan.
CreateQuotaScheduleCreateQuotaScheduleCreates a scheduling plan for a quota plan.
UpdateQuotaScheduleUpdateQuotaScheduleUpdates the scheduling plan for a quota plan.
GetQuotaScheduleGetQuotaScheduleObtains the scheduling plan for a quota plan.

Project Management

Basic Management (Project)Basic Management (Project)
CreateProjectCreateProjectCreates a MaxCompute project.
ListProjectsListProjectsQueries a list of MaxCompute projects.
GetProjectGetProjectQueries the information about a MaxCompute project.
UpdateProjectIpWhiteListUpdateProjectIpWhiteListModifies the IP address whitelist of a MaxCompute project.
GetTrustedProjectsGetTrustedProjectsObtains the trusted projects of the current project.
Role PermissionsRole Permissions
ListProjectUsersListProjectUsersQueries a list of users in a project.
CreateRoleCreateRoleCreates a role at the MaxCompute project level.
ListRolesListRolesObtains MaxCompute project-level roles.
GetRoleAclGetRoleAclObtains the ACL-based permissions that is granted to a project-level role.
GetRoleAclOnObjectGetRoleAclOnObjectObtains ACL-based permissions on an object that are granted to a project-level role.
GetRolePolicyGetRolePolicyObtains the policy that is attached to a project-level role.
ListUsersByRoleListUsersByRoleObtains information about the users who are assigned a project-level role.
ListPackagesListPackagesQueries the packages in a MaxCompute project.
UpdatePackageUpdatePackageUpdates the objects in a package and projects in which the package can be installed.
CreatePackageCreatePackageCreates a package.
GetPackageGetPackageObtains the information about a package.
ListTablesListTablesObtains tables in a MaxCompute project.
ListFunctionsListFunctionsObtains functions in a MaxCompute project.
ListResourcesListResourcesObtains resources in a MaxCompute project.

Tenant Management

ListUsersListUsersObtains users in a MaxCompute project.

Job Management

ListJobInfosListJobInfosViews a list of jobs.
GetRunningJobsGetRunningJobsObtains the running state data of jobs that are in the running state in a specified period of time.
KillJobsKillJobsTerminates a running job.
GetJobResourceUsageGetJobResourceUsagePerforms statistics on all jobs that are complete on a specified day and obtains the total resource usage of each job executor on a daily basis.