This topic describes how to deactivate MaxCompute and release resources.

Service deactivation

The support for service deactivation depends on the billing method you select when you activate MaxCompute.
  • If you select the pay-as-you-go billing method, you cannot deactivate MaxCompute. If you have not created a project, no fees are charged. If you have created a project, delete the project in the console to release resources.
  • If you select the subscription billing method, you can submit a ticket to request a refund.

Resource release

MaxCompute supports both the manual and automatic resource release methods.
  • Manual resource release: You can delete a project in the console. For more information, see Delete a table or a MaxCompute project. After a project is deleted, resources in the project are released, and all project data cannot be recovered. No fees are charged any longer.
  • Automatic resource release: If your account is overdue, your subscription service expires, or online refunds are requested for your subscription service, the system automatically releases the resources of your account. For more information about overdue payment warnings and service suspension policies, see Overdue payment warning and service suspension policies. If you do not renew your subscription service or settle your overdue payments within 15 days, the system reclaims the MaxCompute resources of your account after 15 days. Your MaxCompute project is deleted and project data cannot be restored. If you request a refund for a subscription order, the resources are directly released and cannot be restored.