This topic describes MaxCompute download pricing.

Note If you have an overdue payment, the system sends you a notification. You must renew your subscription service at the earliest opportunity to prevent service suspension.

For data download over the Internet or across regions, MaxCompute charges you based on the size of the downloaded data by using the following formula:

Fee of each download = Size of downloaded data × Unit price for download

The following table lists the download price.

Billing itemPrice (USD/GB)
Data download over the Internet0.1166
  • MaxCompute sends messages to notify you of the size of downloaded data and provides you with the bill the next day.
  • The size of downloaded data refers to the size of an HTTP body for one download request. The HTTP body in which the data is sent uses protobuffer encoding. Therefore, the size of the downloaded data is generally less than the original data size. However, it is greater than the size of compressed data stored on MaxCompute.
  • Different billing methods are applicable to different network environments such as the Internet, classic network, or VPC, as well as to different regions. For more information about MaxCompute connections, see Endpoints.