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Machine Translation:Product Pricing

Last Updated:Nov 02, 2023

Billing instructions

Billing method

Machine Translation is available in the universal edition and professional edition, and provides a free monthly quota of 1 million characters. You can select pay-as-you-go or pay for a traffic resource package. Machine Translation using pay-as-you-go is billed based on the standard price and no quantity discount will be offered. You can choose to buy resource packages for quantity discount. The specific price is as follows:


  1. Standard price: 0.000033 USD/character (total 33 USD/million characters)

  2. Machine Translation is billed based on the standard price when you do not buy a resource package or your resource package is used up.

Buy a traffic resource package

Traffic package type


Million-level subscription

15 USD/million characters

10 million-level subscription

150 USD/10 million characters

100 million-level subscription

1500 USD/100 million characters

Billion-level subscription

15000 USD/1 billion characters

Note: The validity period of resource packages is one year since the purchase date. Resource packages are more cost-efficient than pay-as-you-go. We recommend you to buy resource packages. Resource package purchase.

Fee deduction rules

For example, if User A, who does not buy a resource package or has used up the resource package, continues calling APIs and generates a bill of 1 million characters, the fee to be paid is calculated as follows: 0.000033 x 1,000,000 = 33 USD. He/She must use the balance in the account or other methods to pay the bill in order to continue calling the service. However, you cannot pay the bill by purchasing another service plan.

The validity of service plans is one year since the purchase date. The machine translation service is preferentially billed by using quotas in your service plan. When the margin is 0, the base price is charged according to the actual usage to generate an hourly bill.

Special note

  1. The machine translation service is billed by using service plans that you have purchased earlier if they exists.

  2. The products are settled on the hour, and the fees are generally deducted from the next hour.

  3. If the account is in arrears, the service will be suspended, and the service can be resumed after the arrears are paid off.

  4. API debugging consumes the corresponding number of characters that you can call.

  5. Please refer to the above for the detailed prices of machine translated products and services. If you need a large quantity of purchasing, please contact us to discuss the prices of major customers.

Opening service

Machine translation general edition/professional edition can be activated in the machine translation management console.