When you configure alert policies, action policies, and notification method quotas, you can add a conditional node. If alerts in an alert set meet the specified conditions, alerts are processed based on the specified action.

Basic logic

If you specify multiple values, the values are associated by the OR operator. The following configuration indicates that a specified action is implemented if the alert is ingested or the alert is triggered by an alert monitoring rule. Basic logic


You can use regular expressions or specify a value range when you configure a conditional node.

  • Regular expressions: Use a regular expression to specify match conditions. Regular expression
  • Value range match: Specify match conditions by comparing numeric values. For example, you can use the operators such as equal to (=) or equal to or greater than (>=). Numeric values


You can add multiple conditions in standard mode or advanced mode.

  • Standard mode: If you specify multiple conditions, the conditions are associated by the AND operator. Standard mode
  • Advanced mode: If you specify multiple conditions, you can use the AND or the OR operator to associate the conditions. You can also group multiple conditions into one group by using parentheses. Advanced mode