When you use Logtail to collect logs, errors may occur. For example, regular expressions may fail to be parsed, invalid file paths may exist, and traffic may exceed the processing capabilities of shards. Log Service provides the automatic diagnostic tool to help you diagnose the errors that occur when Logtail collects logs.


  1. Log on to the Log Service console.
  2. In the Projects section, click the project that you want to view.
  3. On the Logstores tab, click the Logtail configuration management icon next to the Logstore that you want to manage, and then click Diagnose.
  4. View log collection errors.
    The Log Collection Error panel displays all Logtail collection errors of the Logstore. You can click an error code to view the details of the error. For more information, see How do I troubleshoot the common errors that occur when Log Service collects logs?. Error types
  5. Query the collection errors that occurred on a server.
    In the Log Collection Error panel, enter the IP address of the server to view all collection errors that occurred on the server.

    After you fix all existing errors, you can check whether the errors persist. Historical errors are displayed before they expire. You can ignore these errors and check only the errors that are reported after you fix the historical errors. Logtail reports errors every 10 minutes.

    Note To view the complete logs that are dropped due to parsing failures, log on to your server or container and check Logtail operational logs. The Logtail operational logs are stored in one of the following paths:
    • Host: /usr/local/ilogtail/ilogtail. LOG
    • Container: /usr/local/ilogtail/ilogtail. LOG