This topic describes how to download Queen SDK for mobile devices and the release notes for Queen SDK.

SDK download

PlatformDownload linkSDK package size
AndroidQueen SDK for Android9.6 MB
iOSQueen SDK for iOS27.3 MB
WindowsQueen SDK for Windows17.1 MB
MacQueen SDK for Mac44.7 MB
WebQueen SDK for Web16.7 MB

Release notes

Release dateVersionDescription
  • The algorithms for detecting face concentration and brightness are added.
  • The license module is upgraded to support feature activation and online refreshing in real time.
  • An API operation for background replacement is added to specify the path of an image.
  • The performance of green-screen chroma key is improved by 40%.
  • The compatibility issues with third-party platforms are fixed.
  • The issue that a crash occurs when you exit the application after you apply retouching effects on iOS 16 is fixed.
  • Debugging information can be obtained. You can use the information to troubleshoot issues during SDK integration.
  • The performance is optimized.
  • The performance of Animoji is optimized.
  • The performance of chroma key is optimized.
  • The AndroidX dependency of the menu component is optimized and dynamic resources can be downloaded by default.
  • The issue of intermittent unexpected exits during hairdressing is fixed.
2022-10-28V2.4.0Animojis are added.
2022-08-12V2.3.0Feature enhancement:
  • Funny effects such as pixelation and facemasks are added.
  • Retouching effects including saturation and contrast are added.
  • The performance for skin smoothing and hairdressing is improved, which significantly increases frames per second (FPS) on low-end devices.
2022-07-12V2.2.0Feature enhancement:
  • Face retouching effects including cervical stripe removal and forehead wrinkles removal are added.
  • The movement and posture detection feature is added. You can identify postures and count movements in exercise scenarios.
  • The package size is reduced, and the dynamic resource download feature is added.
2022-06-01V2.1.0Feature enhancement:
  • AI-powered chroma key is significantly improved, with a better effect and a performance improvement by 60%.
  • The performance is optimized on medium- and low-end devices. These devices can run Queen SDK faster.
  • The hairdressing feature is optimized. Eight hair colors are available for you to choose from. More scenarios are supported.
  • The intelligent face shaping feature is added. Optimal face shaping parameters are automatically configured with one click.
2022-04-15V2.0.0Feature enhancement:
  • The keypoint detection algorithms are updated to improve retouching effects.
  • Four body shaping effects are added.
  • Hair color change is added. You can use this feature to change the hair color.
  • AR writing is added to provide more advanced effects.
  • The performance is optimized on medium- and low-end devices for better effects.
2022-03-02V1.9.0Feature enhancement:
  • The performance is optimized.
  • The lip beauty effect is optimized in Ultimate Edition.
2022-01-24V1.8.0Feature enhancement: The overall makeup effects are improved in Ultimate Edition.
2022-01-05V1.7.0Feature enhancement:
  • Four body shaping effects are added in Ultimate Edition. These effects are used to make bodies look slimmer.
  • The facial keypoint detection algorithms are updated to provide better retouching effects in a wider range of scenarios.
  • High-fidelity background is supported for retouching effects.
  • The performance is optimized on medium- and low-end devices.
2021-12-08V1.6.0Feature enhancement:
  • The package size is reduced by half, and the performance is improved.
  • The facial keypoint detection algorithms are updated to provide more accurate recognition in a more efficient manner. The package is smaller in size.
  • Eyebrow effect adjustment is supported for the makeup feature, and 10 different styles of eyebrows are supported.
2021-11-05V1.5.0Feature enhancement:
  • The gesture recognition feature is added to accurately detect and capture keypoints of the hands and gesture movements.
  • The auto face retouching feature is added to intelligently calculate the most suitable retouching configurations in real time.
  • Unified processing of data inputs is improved for better performance.
  • The makeup resources are upgraded to make virtual makeup look more realistic.
2021-09-29V1.4.0The overall makeup effects are improved to make virtual makeup look more realistic. Fine-tuning is supported.
2021-09-02V1.3.1The retouching performance on mobile devices is improved. On medium- and high-end devices, the frame rate can stay at 30 FPS.
  • The size and performance of Queen SDK are optimized to improve overall makeup effects.
  • Face retouching effects including wrinkles removal, skin brightening, and aegyo-sal are added.
  • The incompatibility issue of Queen SDK V4.2 for Android is fixed.
  • Background replacement is supported.
  • The energy-saving mode is added to support effect processing on low-end devices.
  • The issue of unexpected exits on Android 11 is fixed.
  • Access to Queen SDK is simplified.
  • In Queen SDK for Android, input textures can be exported without changes to direction, and texture data can be used to execute algorithms.
  • In Queen SDK for iOS, non-texture data can be used to execute algorithms, and texture data can be used for rendering.
  • The energy-saving mode is supported by Queen SDK for Android and can be enabled on low-end Android devices.
  • Eye brightening, rosy cheeks, lipstick colors, smiling, hairline adjustment, and chroma key are supported.
  • The nasolabial folds removal and eye bags removal effects and the algorithms of face shaping are improved.
  • Twenty-one stickers are added.
  • A comparison of effects between demos is provided.
  • Queen SDK is released.
  • The real-time face retouching feature is provided for specific scenarios, such as live streaming and short videos.
  • Core features including face retouching, face shaping, makeup, filters, and static and animated stickers are provided.