This topic provides answers to some commonly asked questions about the billing of ApsaraVideo Live.

How am I charged for an increase in the maximum number of source streams that can be concurrently ingested by an accelerated domain name?

For information about the upper limit of concurrently ingested source streams by an accelerated domain name, see Limits. If you want to increase the upper limit of concurrently ingested source streams, apply for a quota increase based on your business requirements. Alibaba Cloud evaluates your application based on the following rules:
  • If Alibaba Cloud determines that billing of inbound traffic is required, you are charged for all inbound traffic of stream ingest. The price of inbound traffic is the same as that of outbound traffic. You can pay by daily peak bandwidth or by traffic for inbound traffic. Pay-by-95th-percentile-bandwidth and data transfer plans are not supported.
  • If Alibaba Cloud determines that billing of inbound traffic is not required, you are not charged additional fees for the increase in the upper limit of concurrently ingested source streams.

What is the billing policy if I pay by daily peak bandwidth?

If you pay by daily peak bandwidth, you are charged based on the peak bandwidth (in Mbit/s) that you use for streaming on each CDN node of your region on a daily basis. The pricing varies based on regions and bandwidth tiers.

Statistics rule: Bandwidth values are aggregated every 5 minutes, and a total of 288 values are collected each day. The highest bandwidth value is considered the daily peak bandwidth.

If a streamer ingests streams from a region outside the Chinese mainland to a live center in the Chinese mainland, which region is the billing of traffic based on?

ApsaraVideo Live is billed based on traffic that is generated in the region where you watch streams, regardless of the live center and the region where the streamer ingests streams. Tiered pricing applies.

How do I purchase ApsaraVideo Live resource plans?

To purchase resource plans, go to the buy page.

Does ApsaraVideo Live support stored-value cards?

No. Fees for pay-as-you-go services are deducted from your Alibaba Cloud account.

Can I view the fees that are generated for a single source URL?

No. ApsaraVideo Live provides multiple source URLs for stream pulling. You cannot view the fees of individual source URLs.