After a Lindorm instance is created or after a Lindorm instance becomes unavailable, check the connection between the Lindorm instance and the Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance on which your business application is deployed. You can run the ping command in the CLI on the ECS instance to check whether the ECS instance is connected to the Lindorm instance.


  1. Obtain an endpoint of your Lindorm instance. For more information, see View endpoints.
  2. Log on to the ECS instance and run the following command in the CLI:
    ping <host>
    • In this command, <host> specifies the endpoint that you obtained in Step 1.
    • You can run this command in both Windows and Linux operating systems.
  3. View the test result. In this example, the endpoint of the Lindorm time series engine is used.
    • In Windows, the system returns the test result after the ping command is run four times.
      Note To continuously check the connection, run the ping <host> -t command.
    • In Linux, the system continuously sends ping requests after it runs the ping command. You can press CTRL+C on the keyboard to stop the execution and collect statistics, as shown in the following figure.
      Figure 1. Run the ping command on a Linux server
      Ping result in a Linux system

Analyze the result

  • If all responses indicate that connections are established, the connection is normal. The preceding figures provide examples of success responses.
  • If no success response is received, the connection is abnormal. We recommend that you check the settings of the ECS instance and the Lindorm instance, such as the whitelist or the security group, based on the descriptions that are described in Lindorm connection issues and solutions.