This topic describes how to select engines and configurations for a Lindorm instance. This topic also provides an overview of how to create, connect to, and use Lindorm instances.

Select engines and configurations of a Lindorm instance

Before you create a Lindorm instance, select required configurations for the instance based on various factors, such as business scenarios, access loads, the access mode, and the capacity. For more information, see Select configurations for a Lindorm instance.

How to use a Lindorm instance

Step Description
Step 1: Create a Lindorm instance Specify the instance information, such as specifications and storage, based on your business requirements.
Step 2: Configure a whitelist Configure an IP address whitelist. Only the IP addresses in the whitelist can access the instance. This prevents unauthorized access to the instance and improves database security.
Step 3: Connect to and use the instance You can connect to and use the Lindorm instance by using multiple methods, such as APIs, Cassandra Query Language (CQL), and shells.