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Lindorm:Database solutions based on EMQX and Lindorm

Last Updated:Sep 01, 2023

This topic describes the database solutions based on EMQX and Lindorm in various scenarios.


Internet of vehicle (IoV)

In this solution, services are provided and managed by using Compute Nest. This way, Lindorm clusters can be initialized or scaled up within minutes. This solution delivers outstanding software experience based on EMQX while taking the advantages of the scalability, stability, and usability of cloud computing services.


Energy IoT

In this solution, multiple EMQX clusters are deployed in the production region and management region of a renewable-energy power plant to individually collect real-time data, store data in local storage, and synchronize data across regions. This way, production data can be stored in multiple regions and can be synchronized across regions in real time.

EMQX allows you to develop plug-ins to access data through different protocols. Data is transmitted across the production region and management region in real time through one-way gatekeepers.


Financial IoT

The IoT of an unmanned bank must connect to a large number of intelligent devices from multiple outlets. In this solution, EMQX provides data access based on its capability to handle high-concurrency access through various protocols, and Lindorm provides data services based on its capability to process multi-modal data.



  • High performance: A single EMQX node can receive, process, and distribute millions of MQTT messages per second in real time with a latency of milliseconds.

  • High availability and easy O&M: EMQX HA clusters can prevent single points of failures and support flexible scaling, online configuration, and hot upgrade.

  • High data security: EMQX supports the TLS/DTLS protocol and commercial cryptographic algorithms mandated by the State Cryptography Administration (SCA) of China to ensure the security of data transmission. EMQX allows you to perform fine-grained access control based on device ACLs and authentication based on X.509 certificates and JWT tokens.

  • Processing capability on multi-modal data in wide tables: Lindorm provides data services for the EMQX-based IoT based on its capability to process multi-modal data, such as time series, spatial-temporal data, documents, queries, and objects.

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