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Lindorm:A solution for online billing systems

Last Updated:Aug 24, 2022

Online business scenarios are becoming more diverse and independent trading systems may intersect. A billing system is required to handle the billing jobs. Online billing systems have the following properties: The data in a system is read-only to users. The amount of data increases rapidly. The system must be cost-effective. The system must be highly available. The system must support multi-dimensional queries.

Solution overview

ApsaraDB for Lindorm (Lindorm) can meet the requirements of billing systems, because it is a cloud native multi-model database service and can be used to handle all sizes of data.


1. Lindorm provides hot and cold separation capability that allows you to separately to store hot and cold data from the same table. Lindorm also provides optimized compression algorithms that allows you to improve the data compression ratio.

2. Lindorm provides ultra elasticity. Lindorm uses a cloud native architecture in which storage is decoupled from computing. You can scale resources on demand.

3. Lindorm provides capabilities to efficiently respond to hot spots. Lindorm helps the billing system efficiently handle hot spots and effectively balance the storage resource usage.

4. Lindorm is highly available. It provides high-availability solutions that use different consistency levels, such as strong consistency and eventual consistency.

5. Lindorm supports multi-dimensional queries. It uses a cloud native architecture that supports global secondary index-based queries. The Lindorm search engine allows you to run multi-dimensional queries.

Solution details and expert support

For more information, see A Lindorm-based online billing solution.

If you have questions, you can ask an expert. For more information, see Expert support.