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Legal:The Third Party Software Manual

Last Updated:Jan 13, 2023

Alibaba Cloud will make every effort to provide suggestions on installing, configuring, and troubleshooting the third-party software listed below on Alibaba Cloud ECS and operating system to ensure that the software runs normally.

- OpenVPN, VNCServer, SSH, SFTP, FTP, and Windows route and remote access

- Web server

Apache, IIS, and Nginx

- Database

MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server

- System firewall

Linux iptables and Windows Firewall

The suggestions on the third-party software provided by Alibaba Cloud's after-sales team are intended only for experienced system administrators or other related IT personnel. Alibaba Cloud is not responsible for installing and debugging the third-party software and implementing the suggestions. If you have questions not listed in the appendix, you can go to Alibaba Cloud's O&M service store to purchase third-party services or go to Alibaba Cloud's official forum for help. Alibaba Cloud provides discounts for third-party services until March 31, 2015. For other discounts, see the notices released in Alibaba Cloud's image, tool and O&M service stores

With its business development, Alibaba Cloud will offer more refined and deeper service level classification and provide more comprehensive and professional after-sales support. Thanks for your support.

Appendix: Range of Service for Third-Party Software FAQs

Third-Party Software

Supported Question

Not Supported Question


Why does proxy surfing fail after I installed OpenVPN?

Can I interconnect multiple OpenVPNs?


Why does VNCServer fail to be installed?

How does VNCServer support the simultaneous login by multiple users?


Why does the SSH server fail to be started?

How can I speed up file transfer over SSH?


Why does SFTP fail to be started?

How can I limit the speed of transmission over SFTP?


How can I configure FTP to support login using my system account?

How can I manage accounts through FTP using MySQL?

Windows routes and remote access

Why can't I access the Internet after service activation?

VPN certificate replacement service


How can I configure Apache log polling?

How can I optimize the configuration of Apache?


Why do I receive access error 403 after starting IIS?

How does IIS compile pseudo-static rules?


How can I configure Nginx domain name binding?

How can I debug the Nginx plugin?

MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server

MySQL listens to only Intranet port.

How to optimize SQL statements of MySQL?

Linux iptables and Windows Firewall

What is the syntax for iptables basic policy?

How to develop an automatic detection and defense tool based on iptables?