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IoT Platform:Types of Enterprise Edition instances

Last Updated:Jun 27, 2023

Enterprise Edition instances are classified into Standard instances and Exclusive instances.You can purchase instances based on your business requirements. This topic describes how to use each type of Enterprise Edition instances.

Instance type




Standard instances provide basic services, such as device connection, message communication, device management, device monitoring, and device O&M.

  • You can connect 1,000 to 200,000 devices to a Standard instance. If you want to connect more than 200,000 devices to an instance, purchase an Exclusive instance.

  • If you want to use more services such as LinkVisual, you can activate the corresponding services.


    You can activate LinkVisual only in the Japan (Tokyo) region.


Exclusive instances provide dedicated resources at the device connection layer. Dedicated servers are used to process connection requests. The device connections are not affected by the connection, disconnection, and message forwarding behaviors of other devices in the instance. This improves connection stability.

The following features are integrated:

  • You can connect 1,0000 to 5,000,000 devices. If you want to connect more than 5,000,000 devices to an instance, Submit a ticket..

  • You can connect devices by using custom endpoints and certification authority (CA) certificates.

    If you connect devices of other service providers to IoT Platform by using the current Alibaba Cloud account, the service providers cannot identify IoT Platform.

  • You can use gateways to efficiently connect NB-IoT devices, MQTT devices, JT/T 808 devices, and GB/T 32960 devices to IoT Platform.