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IoT Platform:Overdue payments and renewal methods

Last Updated:Oct 31, 2023

This topic describes the overdue payments and renewal methods of IoT Platform instances.

Overdue payments

Make sure that the balance of your Alibaba Cloud account is sufficient. Devices may become unavailable due to overdue payments.


After you add funds to your account balance, IoT Platform becomes available within 30 minutes.

  • Enterprise Edition instances

    After an Enterprise Edition instance expires, services become unavailable. An instance is released 15 days after the instance expires. All resources on the instance, such as products and devices, are deleted and cannot be restored.


    If an Enterprise Edition instance is stopped and data is deleted, the related services may become unavailable. As a result, your business may be interrupted. Before the instance expires, renew the instance at the earliest opportunity to ensure business continuity.

  • Public instances

    • If you use a public instance of the previous version, a bill is generated within 4 hours after the current billing cycle ends. If the balance of your Alibaba Cloud account is insufficient, an overdue payment may occur.

      If an overdue payment occurs, you can continue to use the instance for 24 hours.


      If you cannot settle an overdue payment within 24 hours after the overdue payment occurs on an instance, the instance is automatically stopped. As a result, your business may be interrupted. We recommend that you add funds to your account balance within 24 hours after an overdue payment occurs to ensure business continuity.

    • You can use a public instance of the new version free of charge.


      Public instances of the new version are available only in the China (Shanghai) region.

      By default, the public instance has a fixed specification. To meet your business requirements, you can upgrade the public instance to an Enterprise Edition instance. For more information, see Purchase Enterprise Edition instances.

    For more information about IoT Platform instances, see Overview.

Renewal methods

  • Enterprise Edition instances

    On the Overview tab of the IoT Platform console, find the instance that you want to renew and click Renew. On the Renew page, select a subscription duration and click Buy Now.

  • Public instances of the previous version

    For more information, see Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Payment.