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IoT Platform:Common scenarios

Last Updated:May 25, 2023

IoT Platform allows you to connect a large number of devices to the cloud. IoT Platform also provides API operations for cloud servers to send remote commands to devices with low latency. This topic describes the common use scenarios of IoT Platform.

Shared power bank

After a shared power bank is connected to IoT Platform, the device can submit the power information and borrowing status to IoT Platform. If a user scans the related QR code to use the shared power bank, IoT Platform sends a command to eject the power bank from the charging station. An enterprise operator can obtain the status of the power bank in real time.

Shared power bank

Smart speakers

After a broadcast speaker is connected to IoT Platform and a user scans the related QR code to complete the payment, the payment amount is broadcast to the user and merchant in real time.

Smart speakers

Smart appliances

IoT Platform is widely used in smart home appliances, such as a smart socket. Users can remotely check the usage of the socket and control the switch to prevent overheating of high-power appliances.

When you connect a large number of devices to IoT Platform, you can use the unique-certificate-per-device authentication method to prevent mass cyber attacks.

Smart socket

Smart media screen

After a media screen is connected to IoT Platform, you can monitor the device status and refresh the screen content in real time. This allows you to perform smart and fine-grained operations on the media screen. This also helps you reduce costs and improve operation efficiency.

  • You can manage all media screens in IoT Platform and ensure smart operations of new media content.

  • You can use Enterprise Edition instances to remotely deliver media content. This significantly reduces your maintenance costs of traditional media screens.

  • You can flexibly scale Enterprise Edition instances based on your business requirements.

Smart media screen

Smart agricultural equipment

Various sensor devices and communication networks are used to monitor and collect data in agricultural greenhouses in real time. You can connect sensor devices to a gateway by using the RS485 bus, and then connect the devices to IoT Platform by using the gateway. You can view and manage data in IoT Platform.

Agricultural equipment

Smart parking lot

A smart parking lot can be used to display the current parking occupancy in real time, calculate the number of vacant parking spaces, and evaluate the revenues of each day.

The parking lot uses geomagnetic sensors to collect parking space information. You can define a Thing Specification Language (TSL) model for the geomagnetic sensors in IoT Platform and use data services to analyze the parking spaces, queuing data, and revenues.

Smart healthcare

You can use smart healthcare devices to obtain information about the physical status of individuals, such as heartbeat frequency, physical consumption, and blood pressure. Then, you can back up, transform, and analyze the collected data. This way, individuals or doctors can query the data in an efficient manner.

You can use sensors that are connected to IoT Platform to collect the metric data of individuals and surrounding environments. IoT Platform uses data services to process and return the data to users.

Industrial device monitoring in an industrial assembly line

You can use various sensors and communication networks to monitor the status of the devices in industrial assembly lines in real time. Then, you can use the data analysis feature to perform computing on the metric data of the devices, such as temperature, liquid level, and pressure.

Data reports that use the data services of IoT Platform display device data and trend changes in charts. This way, you can obtain the status of devices, detect abnormal devices, troubleshoot device issues, and manage devices in real time.