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IoT Platform:Obtain the SDK

Last Updated:Nov 21, 2023

IoT Platform provides the SDK customization feature. You can customize Link SDK for C based on your development needs. This article describes how to obtain and use Link SDK for C.


  1. Log on to the IoT Platform console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Documentation and Tools.

  3. On the Documentation and Tools page, click SDK customization in the Device Access SDK section.

  4. On the SDK customization page, set the parameters. Click Start generation to download the SDK.


    You can download the SDK file to a specified location based on the browser prompt. The following table describes the structure of the SDK after the file is decompressed.

    Folder or file



    This file contains the update time of each module in the SDK.


    This folder contains subfolders of customized modules.


    This folder contains the files that provide core code about device connection.


    This folder contains sample code files that provide basic features and customized advanced features.


    When you port the SDK, you do not need to add the demos folder to the compilation system.


    This folder contains the mbedtls C library.

    The SDK provides a third-party mbedtls library. To use the TLS feature, you can use other TLS-related libraries.


    This file is used to compile the SDK.


    The file defines the TCP/IP protocol stack and system-related API operations.

    If the SDK does not define the TCP/IP protocol stack based on the operating system, you must port the functions in the portfiles file.

What to do next

After you obtain Link SDK for C, you can develop required features on your device. For more information, see Benefits.