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Internet Shared Bandwidth:Billing overview

Last Updated:Dec 12, 2023

Internet Shared Bandwidth supports the pay-as-you-go billing method.

Billing methods

Internet Shared Bandwidth supports only the pay-as-you-go billing method, which allows you to use resources before you pay for them. Take note of the following items about pay-as-you-go Internet Shared Bandwidth instances:

Billable items

The following table describes the billable items of Internet Shared Bandwidth.

Billable item


Metering method

Data transfer

You are charged based on the hourly Internet data transfer.


Billing cycle

The following table describes the billing cycle of Internet Shared Bandwidth.

Billing cycle

Bill release time

Billable item


A bill is generated within 1 hour after the current billing cycle ends. The system determines the time when bills are issued.

Data transfer (pay-by-data-transfer Internet Shared Bandwidth instances)


For more information about pricing, see Pay-by-data-transfer. The actual prices on the buy page shall prevail.