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Identity as a Service:Overview

Last Updated:Feb 02, 2024

In IDaaS, applications provide the systems and services that support your business processes. You can implement single sign-on (SSO) to applications and perform account synchronization between IDaaS and applications.


In IDaaS, applications are divided into the following types:


Application type



1. Application marketplace

The pre-integrated application templates provided by IDaaS. You can activate and access the applications from the application marketplace. More pre-integrated templates will be available in the IDaaS application marketplace.


2. Applications that support standard protocols

The third-party applications that are not provided in the application marketplace but support standard protocols such as SAML and OIDC. After you configure the applications in a standardized way, you can use the applications.


3. Custom applications

The applications that are not provided in the application marketplace and do not support standard protocols, but can be developed and integrated by using the IDaaS standards.


Future that provide compatibility with legacy applications

For applications that do not fall within the preceding categories, IDaaS provides auto-population of passwords and stores passwords securely to implement SSO.

If you want to connect an application to IDaaS for unified access and centralized account management, choose the application type based on the following flow chart.