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Last Updated:Sep 27, 2022

This topic describes the billing rules and billing methods of HTTPDNS. You can refer to this topic when you select a billing method.

Billing rules

Billable items

Billable item


Number of HTTP-based resolutions

HTTPDNS is billed based on the number of HTTP-based resolutions.

Metering methods

The number of HTTP-based resolutions within the current account is collected on a daily basis. An HTTPS-based resolution is counted as five HTTP-based resolutions.


For example, if HTTPDNS provides 1,000,000 HTTP-based resolutions on the first day of a month and 800,000 HTTP-based resolutions and 200,000 HTTPS-based resolutions on the second day of this month, the number of resolutions billed on the first day is 1,000,000, and that billed on the second day is 1,800,000. The number of resolutions billed on the second day is calculated by using the following formula: 800,000 + 5 × 200,000 = 1,800,000.

Billing cycle

  • The system collects billing statistics and generates bills on a daily basis for the usage of HTTPDNS resources. After your free quota and quotas of resource plans are exhausted, you are charged for the extra resources that you use each day.

  • The free quota is set on a monthly basis and is cleared on the first day of each month. If the amount of resources that you use in a month does not exceed the free quota, you are not charged for resource usage. If the amount of resources exceeds the free quota, you are charged for the excess amount.


  • Upfront bill: When you purchase a resource plan, a bill is generated.

  • Pay-as-you-go bill: If you use the services that are provided by Enterprise Mobile Application Studio (EMAS) based on the pay-as-you-go billing method, a bill is generated each day based on your resource usage of the previous day.


The daily bill is generated at approximately 3:00 (UTC+8) the next day. The actual point in time when a bill is generated prevails. To view your bills, go to the Bills page of your account.

Billing methods

The following billing methods are available for HTTPDNS.

Free quota

For each Alibaba Cloud account, HTTPDNS offers 1,500,000 resolutions per month free of charge.

Resource plans

Resource plans are billed upfront and are more cost-effective in most cases. You can purchase multiple resource plans. When you have multiple resource plans, their resources are deducted based on the order in which they are purchased. For more information, go to the buy page of resource plans.

Resource plan quota (resolutions)

Validity period (months)

Resource plan price (USD)

Unit price (USD/10,000 resolutions)

Discount compared with pay-as-you-go pricing





17% off





19% off





22% off





24% off


Resource plans can be used to offset your monthly resource usage fees. For example, you have purchased a resource plan that covers 5,000,000 resolutions. If the number of resolutions billed in the first month is 5,000,000 and the fees for 3,500,000 resolutions are offset by the resource plan, the resource plan can be used to offset fees for only 1,500,000 resolutions in the second month.

A resource plan is valid for one year. A resource plan takes effect immediately after it is purchased. A resource plan is available until the validity period of the resource plan ends or until the resources in the resource plan are used up.

To view the usage of a resource plan, go to the Billing Management console, click Manage Reserved Instances in the left-side navigation pane, and then set the Resource Type parameter to Resource Packages.


Fees are calculated based on the usage of HTTPDNS resources and the pay-as-you-go price.

Number of billed resolutions

Price (USD)



Order of deduction


A user purchased an HTTPDNS resource plan that covers 50,000,000 resolutions per month. In this case, the user has a free quota of 1,500,000 resolutions and a resource plan quota of 50,000,000 resolutions per month. If the user performs more than 1,500,000 resolutions in a month, the consumed resources are deducted from the resource plan first. When resources in the resource plan are used up, the amount of resources that exceeds the quota of the plan is automatically billed on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Overdue payments

  • The HTTPDNS grace period for overdue payments refers to the period of time during which HTTPDNS API continues to provide services for an account after the account becomes overdue.

  • HTTPDNS provides a 24-hour grace period for overdue payments. If an overdue payment is not settled after the grace period elapses, HTTPDNS stops providing services.

  • After you complete the overdue payment, your services are automatically resumed.


  • You can apply for refunds on your HTTPDNS resource plans only if the resource plans are not used. You can apply for a refund on a resource plan only before the validity period of the resource plan ends.

  • Toapply for a refund, submit a ticket.