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Last Updated:Sep 15, 2022

This topic describes the major advantages of HTTPDNS over traditional DNS.

  • Protection against domain hijacking

    HTTPDNS resolves domain names over HTTP or HTTPS. DNS resolution requests are sent directly to the HTTPDNS server, bypassing the local DNS servers of Internet service providers (ISPs). This can prevent domain hijacking.

  • Precise scheduling

    Due to the diverse policies of ISPs, clients may be unable to access the nearest or optimal points of presence (POPs) based on the resolution results of local DNS servers. In contrast, HTTPDNS can obtain the IP address of a client and then provide the most accurate resolution result based on the IP address. This allows the client to access the nearest POP.

  • Low latency

    HTTPDNS makes use of client-specific policies such as pre-resolution of hotspot domain names, caching of DNS resolution results, and lazy loading of resolution results to implement domain name resolution at low latencies (down to milliseconds).

  • Quick updates of resolution results

    Alibaba Cloud DNS, an authoritative DNS service of Alibaba Cloud, can be used to quickly synchronize changed resolution results from your authoritative DNS server to HTTPDNS to overwrite the original cached records. This helps you implement DNS-based migration within seconds.

  • High scalability

    Software-defined DNS (SDNS) allows more controllable traffic scheduling.

  • Global availability

    HTTPDNS interfaces with authoritative DNS services available from companies such as Akamai and Cloudflare to achieve precise resolution on a global scale.

  • High stability and reliability

    HTTPDNS guarantees 99.99% service availability to provide stable and reliable services.